Tatcha's indigo blue body butter soothes my eyes — and my dry skin.

As someone with eczema-prone skin, scented body lotions don't smell like sweet roses or warm vanilla, they smell like regret. More often than not, fragrance-heavy lotions irritate any flaky dry patches I may have, especially during the cooler months when I experience flare-ups the most.

So while Tatcha's The Indigo Body Butter is ridiculously soothing to look at with its sky-blue hue and matching jar, not to mention it's designed to calm skin, I full-on expected it to have the opposite effect on mine because it has an herbaceous scent (which for the record is naturally derived).

However, I'm pleasantly surprised every time I use this cream because my skin soaks it up without any redness, itchiness, or burning. Like its name implies, the hero ingredient is indigo, an ancient botanical used in Japanese culture to soothe irritation and help heal skin. It also contains colloidal oatmeal, also known for its calming properties, and glycerin and squalane, two extremely hydrating ingredients.

Tatcha Indigo Body Butter
Credit: Courtesy

To shop: $48; tatcha.com

In addition to instantly leaving my skin smooth and buttery soft, it dries down quickly so that I can get dressed right away without getting white body lotion marks or grease skids on dark clothing or having the fabric feel glued to my legs.

With the cold, dark days of winter here, I'll be reaching for this jar to help curb dry skin – and get a little mood boost from the scent.

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