Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Review

This $7 Liquid Eyeliner Is So Good, I Buy It in Bulk on Amazon

Little did I know it would quickly replace every other variation on my vanity.
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Everyone has their thing. For me, it's eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner, to be exact — it most easily achieves the exaggerated winged effect that's been part of my signature look for as long as I can remember. My ideal liquid eyeliner is rich, deep, and inky-black in color. It dries quickly, it lasts all day, and most importantly, it doesn't smudge. And since I wear false lashes almost daily, I heavily rely on my liner to bring my glam look together.

As a beauty editor, I have the good fortune of receiving plenty of products to try, but every now and then, I'll purchase a few on my own to see how they measure up. By now, I'm an eyeliner expert, and I can determine if I like a product in a single stroke. After testing dozens (and dozens) of eyeliners over the years in search of my go-to pen, I'm here to share the good news that I finally found it.

Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen
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I discovered the Docolor liquid eyeliner on Amazon during lockdown in 2020. While many people opted to go makeup-free during the start of the pandemic, I actually went the other way, emphasizing my eyes more than ever since they were prominently on display while wearing a face mask, and searched high and low for a reliable eyeliner to get me through those dark times. Since malls were closed and I could no longer wander the aisles of Sephora to joyfully swatch liquid eyeliners (and splurge on expensive brands), I took my search to Amazon. I skimmed the online reviews of this one and added to cart without giving it much thought. 

Little did I know that this unassuming little eyeliner pen would quickly replace every other variation on my vanity. The Docolor liner performs like a champ, providing a precise and clean application every time. At just $7 a pop, I now buy it in bulk to make sure I have one everywhere I go. I keep one in my purse, in my car, at my vanity, and at my desk. I never worry about losing one because they're so darn affordable, and I've even gifted a pen or two to my fellow cat eye-enthusiast friends. 

Best of all, this eyeliner pen lasts for months before a replacement is needed, so it's quite possibly the best $7 spent, if you ask me. And to think, had it not been for the pandemic, I may have never found this budget-friendly beauty find.

Add this one to cart and thank me later.