It may take a while to get to The Hamptons from NYC, but as the saying goes, some things in life are worth the wait. A popular destination for beach dwellers and surfers alike, the latest swell of pop-up fashion boutiques, see-and-be-seen restaurants, and water-sport rentals cater to the getaway set!

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The Famous Grey Gardens Estate Hits the Market at $20 Million
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Christie Brinkley Lists Another Incredible Hamptons Home, This One for $25 Million—See Inside!
Christie Brinkley, the 62-year-old supermodel and all-around American Sweetheart, is in the process of cleaning out her real estate portfolio. It may be a symptom of empty nest syndrome—her youngest daughter recently left home for her freshman year of college—but it’s undeniable; the model is downsizing in a big way. Since the summer began, Brinkley has listed not one, but two multimillion-dollar Hamptons homes. In June, the OG “Uptown Girl” listed her Bridgehampton compound for a cool $29.5 million and just days ago, Brinkley established a trend, placing her Sag Harbor home on the market for $25 million, according to Trulia. Brinkley’s 5,500-square-foot beachside home boasts three stories, five bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The sprawling estate sits on 4.5 acres of land and leads into a generous swatch of sandy beachfront. Built in 1847, the colonial style home maintains many of its original features, such as the columns decorating the façade; the pine flooring that coats each room, and the house’s many antique fireplaces. Panoramic views abound from room to room, thanks to the home’s abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows. The estate offers not only a plum view of the harbor, but a comprehensive look at the lush greenery that lines the property. The sprawling estate would be a welcome addition to any Hamptons aficionado’s real estate catalogue. Browse through the photos below for a closer look inside Brinkley’s Sag Harbor home.
Jackie Kennedy's Childhood Hamptons Home Is on Sale for $53.99 Million—Take a Look at the Grand Estate
Legendary style icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis spent luxurious summers in East Hampton as a child (when she was known as Jacqueline Bouvier) with her parents and younger sister, Caroline Lee Bouvier (the future Lee Radziwill). Long before Kennedy entered the White House and stepped into her role as First Lady, she spent her days at a different (yet comparably large) white house known as Lasata, her family’s Hamptons estate, which is now on the market for a cool $53.995 million. The 8,500-square-foot home, which Kennedy’s grandfather purchased in the 1920s, is officially on the market—for just under $39 million, with an adjacent four-acre parcel also on sale for almost $15 million, you, too, can summer like the incomparable Jackie Kennedy. The massive 7.15-acre compound underwent a comprehensive restoration after being purchased for $25 million in 2007 by the estate’s current owners, fashion designer and former creative director of Coach Reed Krakoff and his interior designer wife, Delphine. Today, the nearly 100-year-old home offers ten bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms—the anxiety of sharing a bathroom never likely affected the Bouviers. In addition to the property’s grand sprawl, Lasata (a Native American term meaning “place of peace”) also features a guesthouse, heated pool, two-bedroom pool house, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, sweeping views of the vast property, and a three-car garage. Lasata is located just down the road from the infamous Grey Gardens, the rundown estate where Kennedy’s reclusive aunt and cousin (Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale) lived in squalor for many years. Pristine white interiors line the walls of the beachside home, lending a charming contrast to the lush greenery just outside its doors. If there were ever a home worthy of the elegant First Lady, Lasata would certainly lead the pack. Browse through the photos below for a closer look at the East Hampton estate.
3 Celebrity Chefs Tell Us Where to Eat in The Hamptons
Welcome to InStyle ♥​'s the Hamptons! It may take longer to get to Montauk than anywhere else in the Hamptons, but as the saying goes, some things in life are well worth the wait. Discover everything we're loving about Montauk right now.

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Welcome to InStyle ♥​'s the Hamptons! It may take longer to get to Montauk than anywhere else in the Hamptons, but as the saying goes, some things in life are well worth the wait. Discover everything we're loving about Montauk right now.
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