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Most of us know about the clear handbag and clear backpack trend, but have you heard of a clear suitcase? That’s exactly what Rihanna was spotted with on January 16, when she was photographed landing at JFK airport in NYC with a fully transparent carry-on luggage.

Now, most of the time I’d rather not have my items (or my packing skills) on display for all the airport and world to see, but Rihanna made this look so chic and effortless that I’m starting to think I could get behind this trend. I mean, Rihanna could probably sell me on any trend because she’s just that much of an icon, but I digress.

The exact suitcase she had with her was the Off-White x Rimowa Transparent Carry-On, which is available for a cool $1,490 on StockX. (Off-White is the brainchild of the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh — someone whose designs Rihanna has been spotted wearing in the past before they even hit stores.) It’s made from a transparent polycarbonate case, so it’s tough enough to take a few hits during your travels whilst also keeping your belongings safe.

You couldn’t peep the items packed inside of it, as it looks like she chose to use packing organizers in different bright colors like pink, yellow, and green, so those would show through the suitcase instead. However, it was still an extremely chic look that could definitely launch a new trend in luggage, both because she’s Rihanna, and because she made it look so good.

OFF-WHITE x Rimowa Transparent Carry-On
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Shop now: $1,490;

Although the carry-on is $1,490, which is probably out of many people’s price range, there are luckily some other transparent carry-on suitcases available in stores that are far more affordable. Each of the below picks will help you emulate Rihanna’s effortlessly cool airport look — without draining your bank account.

Crash Baggage Transparent Share Carry-On Trolley
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Shop now: $350;

West Elm Sheer Luggage Hard Suitcase
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Shop now: $169;

Mandarina Duck Popsicle See-Through Hardshell Cabin Trolley
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Shop now: $185;

Transparent Clear Large Capacity Suitcase 20 inch
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Shop now: $145;